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17th July 2012

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Want to start saving money?

Start looking for your textbooks now! Use this link to search for Fall classes and see if the textbooks your professor requires are listed already  (HSC students will need to use this link):


Then, make a list of all of the ISBN numbers and the prices Stony Brook is selling them for.  Use sites like Ebay, AmazonBuyChegg, (if you want to rent books), Half, and Socialbib [Which is perhaps the most interesting way to get the textbooks you need while getting rid of the ones you don’t. This site allows you to “trade” books with other “traders.”] Just to name a few!!

Then you can compare websites and deals and find the cheapest of each book.  Remember, you are one student of MILLIONS all over the country who are going to be looking for textbooks for Fall classes.  Start early and save yourself some money for alcohol and weed fun things.

Tip: Science textbooks and math ones, you can usually buy the older edition of a book and save some money.  
Ex: If MAT 102 requires the 6th edition of “Math For Fools” try looking up the 5th edition on Amazon and reading reviews.  Most of the time someone who used the older edition will leave a comment or review stating the differences between the editions.  Most of the time it is just a few new pictures here and there, nothing major that would hinder your education.  If not, use the directory to look up your professors email and ask them directly if the older edition will suffice!

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26th July 2011

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169 - Having to sell your soul for textbooks

169 - Having to sell your soul for textbooks

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28th May 2011

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15 - Selling textbooks

15 - Selling textbooks

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